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Mastering Youth Soccer Photography

A comprehensive tutorial for parent photographers looking to improve their action soccer photography from the sidelines.

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Hi! I'm Greg.

Frequently when I am on the sidelines I get questions from parents and amateur photographers looking to get better results from their camera. This is why I have created the "Mastering Youth Soccer Photography" Course.

The good news is that many times, it does not require the purchase of a new camera body or new lenses to improve your shots. It simply requires a willingness to learn, to make some mistakes, and to keep shooting! 

As an action sports photographer that specializes in soccer photography I have shot thousands of games at the youth club, high school, and pro levels. I have compiled a comprehensive course featuring tips and tricks to get you back on the sidelines and capturing the best action soccer photos possible.

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Capture the moments that will last a lifetime — using the camera you have.

If you are like me, the only thing better than watching your child enjoy the game of soccer is to document those special moments yourself. Many of the parent photographers that gain value from these courses have invested in a DSLR camera because they have discovered that a phone camera just isn't enough to capture the enjoyment their kids show for the beautiful game.

But as they take photos from the sideline they are disappointed to find blurry or washed out photos. Many also confide that they do not know how to fully utilize their camera or don't know what a lot of the settings or features even mean let alone do.

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You'll learn everything you need to take better soccer photos of your kids.

Members get full lifetime access to the entire course with topics and benefits that include:

• CHOOSING THE RIGHT GEAR - Which camera or lens should I buy?

• EXPERT CAMERA SETTINGS - How to understand the countless settings in your camera

• FIELD POSITIONING - Where are the  best places on the field to capture the action

• EXPERT IMAGE CROPPING - How to turn an ok shot into a visually dynamic one

• MASTERING AUTO FOCUS - Setting your camera up for successful focused action photos

• FIXING WASHED OUT PHOTOS - How to color correct a washed out image so that it pops!

• CAPTURING GREAT GOAL CELEBRATIONS - Tips to capture those special moments

• ADVANCED PHOTOSHOP TECHNIQUES - Learn only the tips that soccer photographers need


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Tutorials perfect for beginner soccer photographers. 

Have a DSLR camera? Want to take great action soccer photos? Then this course is for you! Membership includes classes for all skill levels. Start with beginner classes like "Understanding Camera Terminology" and advance to "Expert Photoshop Retouching"!

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Unlimited Lifetime Access for $25
That's less than the price of a soccer tournament t-shirt!

For less than the price of a tournament t-shirt, you get full lifetime access to the 30+ classes with more classes added every month. And you get the special bonus custom vintage soccer Lightroom preset pack. Sign up now for just $25 today and start taking better soccer photos tomorrow! Click the Buy Now button below and gain instant access.

Step 1: Venmo $25 using the QR code or directly to @GregoryNg

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Step 2: Click the button below. I will respond with your custom link to access the classes.

All photos and course content ©Gregory Ng from Follow Greg Sports Photography

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